Ideas to Remain Balanced While Living in Student Apartments

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Student Housing Center

As you progress through the semester, you may find yourself spending more time in class or at work. Although other students have fun, you may concentrate more on your studies. You may need high grades to gain or keep a scholarship, or you may want to ensure you finish right on time. But this approach may cause you to burn out and perform poorly. Instead, take breaks and practice self-care to gain more balance. Here are ideas on how to get these habits done.

Create a Spa

You may not have the time or resources for a day at the spa, but you can create a relaxing retreat for yourself. You can invite your roommates for a group spa event in the large common area. Get started by chopping up fresh fruit and veggies to have an energizing snack to enjoy. Then, turn the television to a music channel that will lighten the mood in the room. Lastly, make face masks using household products and pull out moisturizing lotions to use on the rest of your body.

Go Wild

With Marquette student housing, you have a private bedroom to settle in while you unwind. You may spend most of your time there as you study and prepare for upcoming exams. But there are many more features you should try at your complex. Grab a cup of coffee, try an hour at the gym, and attend a social event held by the management staff. Do anything other than focus on your schoolwork.

If you struggle to find your balance, do not be afraid to ask for assistance from a management team at Marquette student housing, like Lark on 14th at

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