Ideas For Unique Looks In Café Menu Covers

While not every neighborhood has a café, these smaller, community-based venues are becoming more and more popular. With the increasing popularity and the appeal of these restaurants, the need for unique and interesting café menu covers has become more significant over time.

Not all companies manufacturing and designing restaurant menus have specialized products that look good as café menu covers. With the difference between a restaurant and a café, some of the top menu supply companies have created amazing and unique looks for these specialty eateries.

The Café Look

If you think about the premise of the café, a place to go to enjoy excellent coffee, light food items and decadent desserts, the inspiration for unique café menu covers is really in the style of establishment itself.

For an upscale or more European style, café menu covers in leather look materials, or single page menu covers offering more of a feature sheet look are an excellent choice. Pairing a rich looking cover with classic fonts and color choices provides an elegant presentation that is still practical and great for morning, noon and evening use.

Smaller Size

Another way to differentiate café menu covers from traditional menu covers is to change the size. Since the tables are smaller in cafés, and people are not ordering full multiple course meals, a lighter version of a menu makes sense as well.

Choosing a hardcover menu, more like a book, is also an option in a smaller size. These can be customized to the exact measurements required, but a more elongated and compact looking style is more in keeping with the café theme.

Options for Features

Many cafés will offer a combination of features and standard menu options while others may have only a limited feature menu every day. By choosing café menu covers that allow you to insert the pages into the cover as needed, either with corner tabs or plastic page protectors, the menu can be easily changed on a daily basis without a lot of extra work or cost.

Having branded and carefully selected café menu covers to hand to your customers is a great way to provide them with the information they need about the food and beverages you serve. Even with a limited café menu they are practical, effective, and very easy to customize.