How You’ll Benefit From A Used Subaru Outback

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Automotive

Whether you just like the styling or don’t want to buy a new vehicle right now, a used Subaru Outback could be the best choice for you. Plus, if you go just a few years older, you’ll still get plenty of room and good gas mileage. However, even older models (before 2014) can still offer a variety of features and look great on the road.

Spacious Inside

Most car manufacturers try to make the interior as luxurious and spacious as possible without adding bulk and sacrificing fuel economy. A used Outback has achieved this need because you’ll still get a rear seat and hatchback that spans almost 36 cubic feet, which allows you to expand on your cargo room. Plus, the seatbacks can be folded down, as well. Plus, the inside is made with luxury materials that are constructed for durability. The car seats feel very comfortable, and you can find firm and supportive upholstery, as well.


These vehicles are also top-notch when it comes to safety features. Most pre-owned models have good ratings for all areas in the safety rating category, which means they have what it takes to keep you safe while driving. Plus, many models come with a rearview camera to see what’s behind you.


You’ll notice that these vehicles ride more smoothly than others and you have excellent precision when steering. You can drive well on almost any road or surface.

Fuel Economy

While crossovers and SUVs aren’t going to provide the best fuel efficiency ever, this vehicle doesn’t fall far behind sporty vehicles and cars. You get can about 33 MPG on the highway and 25 miles per gallon in town.

A used Subaru Outback comes with everything you want without that higher price tag of a new vehicle. Visit Hawk Subaru today to start searching.

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