How to use a Silicone Wood Grain Impression Mat

If you are a baker or even just a cake enthusiast, you know about wooden textured decoration on cakes. It gives a rustic and authentic look to themed cakes. To achieve this look you will need a wood grain texture mat. A texture mat is simply just an imprinting tool. Here we will discuss how to buy a good quality mat as well as how to use one effectively.

Selecting a good silicone wood grain impression mat

You should look out for the following when buying an imprint mat:

*It should contain only FDA approved silicone.

*It should be able to withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit and hence be oven and microwave safe to that degree.

*The design should extend to the end helping you make a continuous pattern

*The texture mat should also be thick so that you can make deep and rich impressions.

*The size of the texture mat should depend on your individual needs.The most popular size is 17 3/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches.

*The mat should be flexible so that you can easily peel off the decorating material

Using a Texture mat

Using a silicone wood grain impression mat is a fairly simple process. If you are using fondant you need to first roll it into the required size. Then you should place it on the texture mat. Then use a rolling pin to press it into the mat. Ensure that it is evenly spread into the mat. All the parts of the fondant should be evenly pressed into the mat or else you will have an irregular pattern. Once the fondant has been evenly spread out gently peel of the fondant from the mat. Your design should be ready. You can dust the mat with pearl dust to get a more rustic feel.

If you are using melted chocolate just pour it into the mat and let it cool. Once it has dried simply peel it off from the mat.You should be extra careful here so as to avoid breaking the chocolate. This method can also be used for other types of frosting such as buttercream.

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