How To Tell if You Need To Repair Your Fireplace

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Fireplace Store

Your fireplace is probably one of your favorite parts of your home. It provides warmth, creates an interesting focal point in the room, and may even add to a little romance. However, like any other household items, fireplaces break sometimes. Use this checklist to help you determine if you need fireplace repairs in West Michigan.

You Find Cracks in the Masonry

Your brick fireplace is made to withstand the high heat created when you light a fire and fuel combustion occurs. However, sometimes moisture can seep into the bricks and begin to cause cracking. If you notice cracks, it is important to call a fireplace repair company. The cracks may cause the fire to escape the fireplace and cause disaster.

You Notice a Buildup of Creosote

Have you noticed the shiny black substance in your chimney or along the bricks? If you have a wood-burning fireplace, that substance is known as creosote. Some buildup is normal, but if you notice it seems to accumulate quickly, it might mean that you don’t have the proper ventilation for your fireplace. Creosote catches fire easily, making it extremely dangerous, especially to the upper levels of your home. If you notice thick layers of creosote, call a company for fireplace repairs in West Michigan.

You Have Smoke Entering Your Home

Ideally, your fireplace lifts the smoke and exhaust directly through the chimney and out of your home. A venting problem causes the smoke to begin to enter your home. There may be a blockage in your chimney, which is most common. Another common problem is a broken flue damper. Other exhaust may enter the home as well, so pay attention to any unusual smells. Carbon monoxide is naturally odorless, but because some suppliers add other chemicals to make it have an odor, an unusual smell could mean a carbon monoxide leak or dirty gas burners. Never try to repair a possible gas problem on your own as results could be catastrophic.

When hiring a company to perform fireplace repairs in West Michigan, research first. Ensure it is licensed, insured and provides you with a list of satisfied references. Visit the website  for more information.

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