How to Select the Right Advanced Driver Training Courses

Selecting a driving course for your commercial driving license is a big decision. Horror stories abound of shady schools with poor quality cars, teachers with too many students and contracts that come back to haunt students with poorly defined goals and exorbitant fees. Every state requires CDL drivers to pass a three-part skills test to obtain a CDL license, but the training varies state to state. Some states require live school attendance, others require only that you read the manual. The kind of education you need will depend then, on your state’s requirements and your own background. Advanced Driver Training Course in California will follow the CDL requirements, for instance.

The exam itself requires in-depth knowledge of vehicle issues, so you will want to be certain to dig deep in the areas of general commercial vehicle knowledge. Understanding essential features of commercial vehicles, as well as how to maintain them is essential. Any driving school should offer basic, and possibly, advanced driving operation. If you have never driven a large vehicle before, you will need a great deal of time behind the wheel in order to feel comfortable enough for a stringent driving examination. There are also the areas of driving theory and safety which should be covered as preparation for the state CDL test.

How you study has changed somewhat with the Internet, but typically CDL online schools are geared towards drivers who only need to refresh their knowledge base. If you’re just starting out, you will need the behind-the-wheel practice of a live school.

Choosing the right school, then, is a question of choosing a school with the right blend of theory and practice. Beyond that, you also need to read any contract presented to you very carefully. Ideally, you want a school that has no contract, and one that also gives you flexibility of attendance. This is especially important if you have family, or another job, that might impact your attendance. Investigate any school you are thinking of attending very carefully. You are making a big investment, of time and money, that you want to maximize.

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