How to Save Money on SR-22 Insurance Plans

Everyone should take adequate car insurance seriously. However, for some high risk drivers, SR-22 insurance plans are a necessity due to their less-than-stellar driving records. People who have been charged with multiple traffic violations or DUIs will be required by their state to get one of these insurance plans. SR-22 insurance essentially proves an individual has the appropriate liability insurance as required by law enforcement. Unfortunately, these plans are often quite expensive. If you want to save money on SR-22 insurance plans, consider these tips.

Ask About Any Discounts Available

The first thing you need to do to save money on SR-22 insurance plans is to ask your agent whether there are any discounts available. Most insurance companies will offer a wide array of discounts for a variety of factors. Are you over the age of 65? You may be eligible for a senior discount on your policy. Students who are under the age of 25 may also qualify for a discount just for going to school. Your insurance agent can inform you about any discounts that could be available based on your unique circumstances.

Pay for the Policy in Advance

If you are financially able, paying for SR-22 insurance plans in advance will help save money. For some people, paying for their insurance in equal payments may be a better option. However, you should ask your agent whether there are discounts to paying the entire policy in full so you can reduce the amount of money you pay overall.

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