How To Pick Lakewood Ranch, FL Best Granite Countertops

A very popular choice in kitchens is going with Lakewood Ranch, FL Best Granite Countertops. Granite is durable, natural and available in a choice of over 200 of colors to suit any kitchen. Granite can withstand heats up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and are affordable in both slab or pieces. The surface is durable enough for high heats yet gentle enough to handle all of your food preparation. It is no wonder that these countertops are upgrading kitchens everywhere.

Installing granite countertops Lakewood Ranch, FL in your kitchen will bring up the value in the house automatically. In a list of generally known top 10 ways to increase the value in your home, adding granite countertops comes in at number 3. Exactly how much value depends on the kitchen and the amount of space that is upgraded with the granite product.

Comparing the value of the granite countertops to its rival there are a few other choices that are popular. Concrete, soap stone, solid surface, engineered stone and marble all run from highest to lowest in price per square foot respectively. Granite is one of the lowest in terms of price on the list. The selling point with the granite tops is that they are maintenance free.

The best way to pick out your granite countertops is to visit a showroom like Innovative Stone SRQ. Compare a few prices in the type of counter you are considering and pick a company to go through. Local vendors will typically have small samples to take home so you can make an in-home decision. If samples are not available they can be ordered through the company that you would like to purchase from, but usually that is at a small price.

Since there is such a wide variety of choices in colors, more then 200 actually, it may be hard to pick the type you want in your kitchen. Remember a couple of simple rules. One rule is that if you have a lot of natural light flooding your kitchen then you want to stay with darker counter and Flooring options. A dark kitchen will need to be lightened up and that is comes perfect with a lighter granite top. Another rule is not to be too modern or flashy in your permanent countertops. Modern and flashy may be out of fashion sooner then you think.