How to Know the Difference Between Granite and Quartz Countertops

Choosing your countertop before kitchen cabinets is probably the most sensible decision because you then can select from all the quartz countertops in Maple Grove that are available to you. Will the natural stone of granite have been a better choice or will the quartz be your favorite because of the many color and pattern options?

Are They Both Stain and Scratch Resistant?

Quartz countertops in Maple Grove are scratch and stain resistant. Scratches on granite can be repaired and most stains removed when you were quick enough and don’t leave chemicals or other liquids standing.

Granite can chip if you’re not careful, as can quartz, but it is difficult to damage these kitchen countertops.

Quartz can fade in the sun, while granite will not, but granite requires a sealing every few years because it is porous and will accept water and liquids if it is not sealed correctly.

The pattern within granite will vary with each slab, whereas quartz can have a uniform pattern and be purchased extremely white, unlike granite.

Installation experts often suggest that quartz weighs less and is easier to work with and install, but should you choose an expert company to carry out your installation, there will be no explicit difference to you.

Should you choose granite, you should work closely with a fabricator as they prepare the slab for you. This is an expert and professional task to complete and should not be attempted by individuals who are not professionally trained.

There are so few real differences between granite and Quartz countertops in Maple Grove that it is perhaps best that you visit a high-quality company showroom so you can see quartz and granite in real life. As there is so little to choose between them, it is only the color and pattern that makes the difference and fits wonderfully into your kitchen.

Because of its strength, quartz is often favored for kitchen countertops, but the final choice is an individual decision and may be decided purely by how the finished item looks within your kitchen space.