How To Get The Most Value From Small Business Workshops

Small business workshops are a great way for a company to come up with new ideas, finalize implementation plans, and educate employees on new tactics and strategies. To get the most value from small business workshops, careful planning is key. This will partly depend on exactly what type of workshop it is and how long it will be. Learn more about the factors that make up a successful workshop below.


High-quality workshops can be either of the type that last up to a day or those that last for several days, even encompassing a whole weekend. This is the first factor that must be considered before any other planning can take place. Consider what needs to be accomplished in this workshop to help determine how long it should go for.

During the Workweek

When it comes to small business workshops that last longer than a day, consider the mindset of employees during a typical workweek. It is often considered best to hold multi-day workshops during the middle of the week – Tuesday to Thursday – so that if there are any loose ends left over from the meeting, they can be taken care of and wrapped up on Friday. If a workshop is on a Monday, people may not be totally focused because the staff could be trying to catch up on phone calls and emails that occurred over the weekend. This is why Tuesday to Thursday are the best days to schedule multi-day workshops during the course of a workweek.

During the Weekend

Some of the best small business workshops occur over the course of a weekend. There is often less pressure on employees due to the fact the workweek is over, and there can even be some excitement because it’s not common to see colleagues and fellow workers during a weekend. It is often best to schedule a light meeting and a social hour on that Friday, have a full day of brainstorming and working beginning early Saturday, then finishing up any remaining work on Sunday.