How to Find a Professionally Designed Bitcoin ATM in Florida?

Were you trying to figure out where the best place to find a reliable bitcoin ATM in Florida is? These offer users a convenient way to convert cash into BTC, and they don’t need to provide personal info. Other options ask for a bunch of private information, so they’re not anonymous. However, an ATM only needs a phone number before it’ll spit the coins into your wallet.

Where’s the Best Bitcoin ATM in Florida?

Fortunately, designers installed them across the state, so there are plenty of options. Look up the closest one by checking out the map on their website, and they’ll appear in order of distance. Then, you just need to drive to one and follow the onscreen directions once you’ve arrived.

Convert Cash to Coins

One of the main reasons people use ATMs to buy BTC is because they let you buy them with cash. You can’t use cash to buy coins most of the time if you’re doing everything online. But you can use an ATM to finish the transaction in only a few minutes, making it super convenient.

No Personal Info Required

You don’t need to give the machine much info to complete the transaction, and it all happens fast. Once you’ve driven to the nearest one, the device only asks for a phone number before it’ll work with you. That way, you’re not stuck with something that needs a complete KYC dossier before you can do anything.

RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM offers BTC ATMs in Florida. Visit them at their website to learn more.