How to Choose a Pet Store in Folsom, CA

Just about all pet owners want what’s best for the animals in their care. That may mean specialty brands of cat food, indestructible puppy toys, a carefully constructed rabbit hutch, or fencing to keep animals safe. What customers purchasing all of these products have in common is that they all need to make a decision: which pet store in Folsom CA to trust with providing products for their animals. Below are a few things new pet owners, or veteran animal lovers who are just new to the area, might want to consider when choosing where to spend their money.

Caters to a Variety of Animals

Many pet owners have to provide food and basic care for a variety of animals. This is particularly true for those who live on ranches or farms. Choosing a pet store that offers not just supplies for indoor companion animals but also livestock feed is more efficient than heading to a pet store for dog and cat treats then the feed store for food for chickens, horses, or cattle. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a store that has a comprehensive selection of pet supplies in addition to fencing and ranch supplies. Choose one that caters to both of these forms of animal clientele.

Product Selection

Providing adequate nutrition is just one aspect of caring for a pet. Choose a store that also sells basic treatments for fleas, ticks, and other parasites as well as the cleaning supplies necessary to safely clean up after indoor and outdoor animals. Larger stores with more selection sometimes even carry things like fencing and farm supplies to help keep livestock safe and properly cared for.

Customer Service

After ruling out pet stores that are too specialized or carry inadequate inventories, the chances are there will still be a number of stores left on the list. Choose a Pet Store in Folsom CA that offers friendly service and helpful information about foods that meet dogs’ nutritional needs, the best cat litters for fighting odors, which bird feed is best for a particular species, and more. Have questions? Schedule an appointment with an industry specialist who can answer them today.