How Social Security Disability Benefits Help Thousands Of Americans

In the event the bread winner in a household becomes disabled the family is usually faced with a rather bleak future full of financial unknowns. These financial difficulties can be eased somewhat by Social Security disability benefits.

The majority of healthy Americans would never give a thought to becoming disabled but the chances of it are far greater than what you might imagine. Statistics from the Social Security Administration indicate that a full 30 percent of Americans will suffer from a physical or mental disability before they retire. Social Security is charged with the responsibility of providing benefits to those whose disability is so great they can no longer work.

It isn’t easy to qualify, about three quarters of those that apply are denied benefits; this is the underlying reason behind hiring a seasoned Social Security attorney in Detroit.

What are the Social Security programs available?

There are two programs that are administered by Social Security; SSI and SSDI. Those people that are fully disabled are eligible for benefits under either program, people who are partially disabled or the prognosis is that the disability will not last a year are not eligible.

   *   SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance is available to those who have paid Social Security payroll taxes for a specified period of time and cannot work due to a physical or mental disability that is expected to last for a year minimum.

   *   SSI: Supplemental Security Income is based on financial need, this program is intended for those that are blind, aged and who have no income.

Disability determination depends to a great extent on the specifics of your unique case. Both physical illnesses such as heart disease, physical injuries such as chronic pain syndrome and mental illness such as severe depression may qualify for benefits. To ensure that you get what you deserve it is always a good idea to work with a Social Security attorney in Detroit that is fully aware of the system. Visit website for more details. We are also on