How NASM Certification In NYC Will Help Your Career

In the not too distant past, there was an open door for anyone wanting a career in NYC as a personal or fitness trainer. Most gyms and fitness facilities were willing to hire people that looked the part of the job as well as had some basic understanding of how to use the equipment.

Even personal trainers in NYC were largely marketing their services without any specific credentials or certifications behind their names. Many started in the industry, took some classes and then started working with clients and gradually increased their business.

Today’s Reality

Today, it is very difficult to start or continue a career in the fitness industry without some type of certification. There are different types of certifications available, but there is one that is recognized both nationally as well as internationally.

This is the NASM Certification in Atlanta GA. It is offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is provided by different approved training schools and institutes across the country.

With a few top training programs, successful completion of the course will provide students with two different NASM certification levels, including the full certification through NASM and an Academic Distinction certification after successful completion of the exam.

The Benefits

The benefits of completing the NASM certification as the initial certification really focus on the types of jobs available immediately after graduation and the possibilities for the future.

With the certification, you can work in New York or take the training anywhere; it is internationally recognized. Additionally, is now considered an eligibility requirement for most jobs in the fitness industry, particularly in fitness centers and in healthcare settings.

To obtain insurance to be a private trainer, the certification is also required by the reputable insurance companies. This is an important consideration as personal trainers do need to carry liability insurance when working directly with clients.