How Long Does It Take for Bail Bonds Agents in Norwalk, CT to Help Your Loved One?

Most people, when they find out a loved one has been arrested, want to help them get released as fast as possible. To do this, they may have to work with the bail bonds agents in Norwalk, CT to secure a bond. The length of time it takes between contacting the bond agent and the loved one being released from jail can vary due to a few different factors.

Looking Up Information About Arrested Person

It takes time for the arrested person to be booked into the jail. This can take a while if the jail is very busy when the person is arrested. The bail bondsman cannot look up information about the arrested person, such as the charges or the bail amount needed, until the person has been processed into the jail and the information is updated in the computer.

Bail Amount Being Paid Directly to the Jail

Once the bail bond agent has the information they need, they can create the bond paperwork and review it with the person obtaining the bond. Once the loved one signs the bond and secures it with a deposit or collateral, the bond agent can go to the jail to pay the full bail amount needed to secure the arrested person’s release. How long this can take depends on whether the bond agent can pay the jail immediately or if they wait and go to the jail once each day.

Jail Processing Times for the Release

Even once the bail has been paid, the jail needs time to process it. In most cases, the processing is done quickly and the arrested person can be released in a couple of hours. If the jail is very busy, it could take more than a few hours for the arrested person to be released.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested, work with bail bonds agents in Norwalk, CT who will work hard to minimize the wait for the arrested person to be released as quickly as possible. Visit us online to learn more about how the bail bond process works, how long it could take, and what you can do to help speed up the process a little bit.