How Home Health Care Services in McLean, VA Support Heart Health

by | Aug 18, 2023 | Healthcare

Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the U.S., with 85.6 million people having it. It’s the main reason people can’t work or do as much and have a lower quality of life. Taking care of this situation may require help with daily tasks. A support network can help you do what’s best for your heart, from what you eat to how much you work out.

Here are a few ways home health care services in McLean, VA help support heart health.

Medication Reminders

Places such as Capital City Nurses can tell you to take your medicine in person or over the phone as often as needed. Adhering to medications improves the quality of life and cuts down on trips to the emergency room that aren’t necessary.

Support After Discharge

Clients who come home from the hospital or a short-term nursing facility need more help. When a client is released from the hospital, home health care services in McLean, VA can pick them up, get any necessary medicines, run errands, set up the home, and cook meals. This makes the move back home easier. Even with follow-up meetings and therapy visits, we can help.


Wellness calls are a direct way to talk to people daily and make sure they have what they need and are supported. These can be as simple as a call to say hello and check in or as important as a note to take medicine, drink water, eat well, or go to a meeting.

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