How Do Braces Actually Straighten Teeth?

Having straight teeth is important for more reasons than just looks. When teeth are severely out of position, the condition can impact the way a person speaks and chews food. Crooked and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean; as a result, the person is more likely to suffer from cavities. One way to correct these problems is to get braces in Chicago Loop. Braces are designed to place gentle, but permanent pressure on teeth, over time the teeth will be straightened.

Braces consist of several key components, the use and positioning have been determined after your dentist or orthodontist has designed a treatment plan based on an in-depth study of the current condition of your bite and your teeth alignment.

Brackets: The small square that is attached to the front of teeth is brackets. The brackets, which can be made from metal, ceramics or other material, are bonded to the tooth surface.

Arch wire: The arch wire is a thin band that is fastened securely on the last teeth and held in position by the brackets. The arch wire places pressure on the teeth, moving them in a pre-ordained way based on the treatment plan.

Rings: The little rubber bands that are used are called “O Rings.” Younger patients love to use colorful bands while mature patients usually are “old school” and use natural colored bands. These bands hold the arch wire in place against the brackets.

Once the braces in Chicago Loop have been placed by your dentist, slight put positive pressure is placed on the teeth. The teeth are actually loosened, and bone is moved to accommodate the new position of the teeth. Over time the process is complete and the bone firms up to ensure the teeth stay in the desired position. A retainer is used while the bone is returning to full strength.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, the solution is braces in Chicago Loop. To discuss how braces can straighten and align your teeth you are invited to contact Pure Dental Spa.