How Commercial Shredding Companies in Irvine Became a Popular Choice for Southern California Businesses

Today, it is more important that businesses handle sensitive documents more carefully than ever before. The lengths that people will go to steal information from old documents is astounding, and by virtue of this threat, it is not surprising that businesses around the Southern California area are turning more and more to Commercial Shredding Companies in Irvine.

The Danger

The reality is that there are instances where businesses will need to discard old business documentation. Unfortunately, even documents that are even 20 years old may still have sensitive business or client information. This information in the wrong hands could spell disaster for the clients of the business as well as the business itself. Simply throwing these items in the trash isn’t going to do the job. That is where Commercial Shredding Companies in Irvine can be so helpful.


Commercial shredding services have been around for many years, but it isn’t surprising that they are extremely in demand given the treacherous nature of mishandling business documentation. Regardless of their spike in recent popularity, commercial shredding services do two things that businesses around the Southern California area are likely happy about.

Quality Shredding Services

The first and the most obvious thing that they do is they comprehensively destroy business documentation. Unlike a home office paper shredding machine, services like Shred Confidential Inc. offer shredding services that successfully destroy documentation as well as storage components like hard drives, memory sticks, memory cards and even floppy disks. These items are destroyed in such a way that makes getting any information from the leftovers virtually impossible.

Convenience is Key

The other benefit to these commercial shredding companies is that not only do they provide quality shredding services, but they do so in a convenient manner. Today, virtually every commercial shredding service provides mobile services that can visit a company with trucks equipped with all the necessary shredding equipment. The business can hand-deliver the documents or items that are going to be destroyed, and they can witness the documents being destroyed before being given a certificate of destruction.

With as cautious as a business has to be, and with the legal and financial repercussions of mishandling business documentation, commercial shredding services are a must. With their quality shredding services and the added convenience of them coming to you, there’s no better time to partner with these services than today.