How Can an Auto Accident Attorney Help If the Insurance Company Refuses to Settle

People obtain insurance with the assumption that they will be covered if they are in a car accident. However, if they are in an accident and they attempt to obtain a settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, they might find they are denied a settlement. Often, the reason for this is because the person doesn’t have enough coverage or because the insurance company believes the victim is actually at fault for the accident.

A person who is denied compensation should contact an Auto accident attorney as soon as possible to find out what their options are. The attorney may be able to help them uncover sufficient evidence to prove the victim was not at fault in the accident. This can be done by obtaining video evidence from surveillance tapes in the area, witness statements, police reports, and other types of evidence that might be obtainable.

Once the attorney has the needed evidence, they can start to negotiate with the insurance company. At this point, many insurance companies will go ahead and offer the victim a settlement. The attorney can help the person determine whether the settlement is sufficient. If it isn’t, the attorney can help the person negotiate a higher settlement with the insurance company. The attorney is going to ensure all accident-related expenses are covered. This can include medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, and legal bills.

Most auto accident claims are settled through negotiations with the insurance company. If the negotiations do not result in an adequate settlement offer, the attorney does have the option of taking the case to court. This could take at least a year for the case to be concluded, but it will often mean the person obtains the settlement they need instead of having to settle for a lower amount. The attorney will be able to advise their client on whether going to court or settling is the better option.

Anyone who has been in an accident and who is being denied a settlement by the insurance company should at least contact an Auto accident attorney to find out what their options are. Alpern Schupert P.C is one attorney who has experience with similar cases and who can help a person find out what their next move should be.