How Can A Disability Lawyer Help You Win Your Case?

Disability law is complex and full of pot holes for the uninitiated, disabled applicants that hire an Aurora disability lawyer to deal with their claim is far more likely to be successful in getting their claim approved than those that “go it alone.” There are a number of reasons why this is so:

   *   Understanding of the medical evidence required: The most important factor in winning a claim for disability benefits is having the correct supporting medical evidence. Many applicants have no idea what the Administration is looking for; they end up either submitted too much or not enough. Those applicants that are represented by an Aurora disability lawyer have a better chance at winning because the lawyer knows what evidence is required. The lawyer will gather all the necessary records and make sure they are submitted on time.

   *   They are accustomed to dealing with medical providers: There is no doubt that a doctor’s opinion supporting your contention will go a long way to win the claim. Because disability claim forms are not the doctors business, it is not unknown that they are reluctant to become involved. Doctors are more likely to respond to a request from a lawyer knowing the lawyer can help them with the complexities of the supporting document.

   *   Experts during the hearing: An Aurora disability lawyer will be familiar with the Administrative Law Judges assigned to their area, this is actually quite important as different judges want a hearing to be conducted in a certain way. It is also nice to know if a judge has any specific biases towards certain conditions. With this type of knowledge the lawyer can prepare in such a way that the client’s presentation is suited to the Judge.

A skilled lawyer knows which arguments work best; the best lawyers know the rules, regulations and laws of the Social Security Administration and they know how to meet all the requirements and best manage the facts of the case.

Statistics bear out the fact that those applying for Social Security disability benefits stand a far better chance of success if they are represented by an Aurora disability lawyer. To discuss the merits of your case you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown.