How Accepting a Plea Deal with a Criminal Lawyer in Rockwall, TX Works

Those who are arrested have a lot they need to consider while they’re going through the court process. At some point during this process, they might be offered a plea deal by the prosecution. This is something they will definitely want to consider, even if they ultimately decide they don’t want to accept it. They will want to ensure they discuss it with a criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX t1o find out if it might be a good idea to accept it.

Why Are Plea Deals Offered?

Prosecuting a criminal charge is expensive, as are the trials needed to obtain a conviction. To avoid an expensive trial, the prosecution might offer a plea deal to the arrested person. If the plea deal is accepted, the case is concluded, and they do not have to go to trial to present their case and try to obtain a conviction. This is the most likely reason for a plea deal.

What Happens If They Accept the Plea Deal?

If the arrested person accepts the plea deal, they will plead guilty to the lesser charge and will be sentenced according to the sentencing guidelines for that charge. The more severe charge is dismissed based on their conviction for the lesser charge. They might be able to avoid a felony through a plea deal for a misdemeanor charge or avoid significant penalties during the sentencing phase for the crime they’re accused of.

What Happens If They Don’t Accept the Plea Deal?

If the arrested person does not accept the plea deal, the case will go to trial. Then, they can be found guilty or not guilty. If they are found guilty, they are sentenced according to the sentencing guidelines for the crime they’re convicted of. This could be a much bigger sentence than the one in the plea deal.

Those who are arrested will often be offered a plea deal so they can accept lesser charges that include lesser sentences and avoid having to go through a trial. Before doing this, however, they will want to speak with a criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX to make sure it is a good option in their situation. Visit the website of the Law Office of Tim Hartley to learn more about plea deals or to find a lawyer to discuss your case with.