House Roof Replacement in Orlando FL Will be a High Quality Job

Replacing a roof is a process that requires a thorough examination of the roof to understand the condition of the decking which could be rotted in many spots causing water to leak into the home. If the decking needs to be replaced, you can be certain that house roof replacement in Orlando FL will use the finest material and cover it with a tar paper for extra protection.

First, of course, all of the old roofing material will be removed and hauled away in a roll-off container leaving no debris in your yard or your neighbor’s yard. It is important that the quality of the roofing begin at the beginning with this removal process.

If shingles have been selected, then they will be layed out in a pattern that will prevent water from puddling under the shingles and eventually resulting in a leak. Putting down shingles requires proper spacing with the row above and the row below. It all begins with a starter strip which is installed even with the roof edge. A Starter Shingle Strip eliminates the need for cutting shingle tabs to create a starter row, resulting in a finished edge and an outstanding roof from the start. It also has a good appearance from the street.

An ice dam protection barrier is installed. This is made of synthetic materials to prevent backed up ice forming in the gutters which prevents ice-melt from draining away. Ice-melt can permeate under the shingles and cause water to leak inside the home. The all important flashing is installed around areas where leaks are known to develop such as around the chimney, vents, and skylights. House Roof Replacement in Orlando FL uses flashing in conjunction with one of the high-tech sealers that are weather-proof.

A ridge vent is installed with ridge cap shingles which allows the necessary ventilation into the attic. Why a ridge vent is needed. Household activities that create moisture will damage insulation, rafters, decking and shingles in the winter. In the summer, heat can build-up causing aging and cracking in the wood rafters and the roofing decking. The ridge vent is a unique system of drawing the air out of the attic and replacing it with air drawn from under the eves which eventually leaves at the ridge cap. The Orlando Roofing Company in Orlando FL are experts at constructing and replacing roofs while adding value to your home.