House Cleaning Services in Rio Rancho, NM, Talk About Best Places to Put Air Purifiers

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Cleaning Service

Your air purifier’s performance is greatly influenced by where you place it. The particular position for which each model was intended, such as being mounted on a wall or set on the floor, is specified in the placement instructions that some manufacturers offer with their goods. If your purifier didn’t come with placement instructions, here are some placement tips from house cleaning services in Rio Rancho, NM.

Maximize Indoor Airflow

It is possible to improve the pace at which air filters through your air purifier by positioning it close to windows or doors. The more filtered air, the lower the danger of pollution present within the home.

Keep It Off the Ground

Raise your air purifier off the ground to maximize its effectiveness. Because there are fewer impediments, such as furniture and appliances, at that height, we recommend placing yours on a stool or end table so that it sits three to five feet above the ground. In addition, an air purifier placed in this location can better collect the warm air rising in your home.

Avoid Corners

House cleaning services in Rio Rancho, NM, recommend not placing purifiers in corners. Corners obstruct airflow on at least two sides, making it impossible for an air purifier to cycle the appropriate amount of air.

Keep Them Close to Pollution Sources

Put your air purifier in an area close to the sources of indoor pollution. A dog bed, a fireplace that burns wood, or a space in which you suffer more severe asthma and allergy symptoms might be examples of these potential triggers.

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