Home Remodeling in University Place, WA: Painting Provides Pleasing Improvements

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Painting

Many people have no idea how much small projects for Home Remodeling in University Place WA can increase their satisfaction with their house. They may never have time to do any of these projects themselves, so hiring a contractor to spruce up the place with new paint, wallpaper borders, and trim may be the answer. Much can be accomplished with a change in paint colors and some decorative wallpaper borders around certain rooms near the ceiling. Wallpaper also can be used as an accent for one wall while the others in the room have paint instead.

In contrast, existing wallpaper may not be a favorite feature and, fortunately, it can be painted over in a color of the customer’s choosing. A fresh coat of paint also can cover paneling, which is a relief for people who are tired of those wood walls. They may have bought a house with several paneled rooms but would never have selected that type of wall covering if given a choice.

In some cases, families want different colors for every room and find the current neutral tones in each room boring. A contractor such as Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. is ready to add bright, bold colors to the walls. Parents will want to have a discussion with the kids before proceeding since those youngsters will need to live with the color of choice for a long time. A five-year-old girl asking for a hot pink bedroom may not like this anymore in a few years. Some negotiating might allow for a modification of the color, such as light rose or lilac.

Painting for a spruce-up project can be done both inside and out, but homeowners with a limited budget often want to address the interior first. After all, that’s where they spend most of their time when they’re home. However, if the outside of the home looks noticeably shabby or the wood is deteriorating, a coat of paint is advisable. A contractor who does painting and general Home Remodeling in University Place WA can tackle either project as well as stain wood decks and fences for protective effects.

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