Home Health Care Service in Philadelphia PA

If you are in need of a home health care service, Philadelphia PA based Angels on Call can make arrangements quickly to accommodate your needs. No waiting lists! Our flexible private home health care service offerings can often be arranged in as little as a day and schedules can be altered, based on the changing needs of yourself or your loved one.

Why Home Health Care Services?

Home health care services in Philadelphia PA are often arranged quickly, when someone finds it difficult to cope on their own, including some of the following scenarios:

  • An elderly individual is injured while alone.
  • An ill person is released from the hospital and there are concerns about their having the right help while recuperating from illness or surgery.
  • A family needs respite care services due to increasing demands of caring for a loved one with deteriorating health and wellness.
  • There has been a change to someone’s abilities to care for themselves, due to trauma, injury, illness, or rapidly declining health and mobility.
    There are times when a private caregiver is required. In many cases, a home health care service provider can provide sufficient care. A home health care service provider can help with a variety of areas, such as:
  • Help with grooming
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders / administration
  • Accompanying someone on errands and appointments
  • Companionship for peace of mind and boosting spirits of an elderly or ill individual.
  • Protective supervision in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Angels on Call – Philadelphia Home Health Care Service Providers

We offer home health care for people with a variety of non-medical or mobility issues. In many cases, we have a caregiver visit daily or a few times a week just as an extra set of hands when someone needs help caring for a loved one.

Call us to get information about our services. We would be happy to help you learn more about why Angels on Call has a great reputation in and close to Philadelphia PA.