Hiring A Service To Help Senior Care in Washington DC

When someone has an aging parent, they are likely to be concerned about their well-being if they live in a home by themselves. Several steps can be taken in a home to help someone with memory trouble in doing tasks they used to be able to do with ease. Here are some tips that can be used to make a living at home alone a bit easier for an elderly parent.

Invest In A Phone Or Alert System

An aging person will be able to contact someone for help if they have a cell phone or a hand-free alert system that they can keep close to their body. Each of these methods will work well at getting help from home as soon as it is needed. Make sure the user knows exactly how these devices work before leaving them on their own. Instructions can be written in large-print and kept with the unit being used for emergencies.

Hire A Service That Provides Senior Care in Washington DC

A service that provides home health care is an excellent solution in getting much-needed help when necessary. An aide would be dispatched to the older adult’s home to assist with household tasks, medication dispersal, and personal care. The older person would benefit from having someone available to converse with, giving them companionship during these sessions. Sessions can be scheduled on a daily or as-needed basis, depending on the extent of the help needed.

Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time And Set A Schedule

It is a good idea to give an older adult a list of tasks and times they should be done to help to keep them on a regular schedule. This is especially important if they need to take medication. Placing pills in small containers with the day of the week upon the lid will help keep track of medication usage. Meals can be prepared in advance and placed in boxes with instructions for cooking to make this task easier.

When there is a need to find a reputable company to give Senior Care in Washington DC, researching options in advance is usually best. Contact us today to find out more about the services offered or to speak with someone about specific tasks conducted if desired.