Hire an A/C Contractor in Clearwater FL to Get the Right Unit for the Home

Almost 80% of homes built in the US have central HVAC systems, and homeowners are also having them installed in existing homes. Because of their popularity and ease of use, sales of central air and heating units are at an all-time high. Read on to learn more about central air conditioners and how to choose the right unit.

The Popularity of Central AC

Central air is the easiest and most efficient way to cool the air throughout the home. A window unit is economical when only a small space needs to be cooled, but when the entire home needs cooling, central HVAC is the way to go. What’s more, central air units are typically quieter than window models.

Different Types of Central Air Units

When hiring an A/C Contractor in Clearwater FL, it can be placed outside the home or the homeowner can opt for a split system. Here, the compressor and condenser are placed outside, while the blower and/or evaporator are inside the home. Split systems are economical; with this arrangement, the blower delivers cool air through the home’s ductwork. If there are no ducts, another blower can be installed to deliver cooled air.

Size Does Matter

When determining the right size for a new AC unit, homeowners should remember that a bigger unit isn’t necessarily better. Factors determining appropriate sizing are:

* The home’s square footage

* Its layout

* The quality of the home’s sealing and insulation

* Its architectural features and construction materials

* The amount of sun exposure the home receives

* The number of, type and orientation of windows

Have the Unit Professionally Sized

Unit sizing is complex, and it should be done by a licensed professional from Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. To ensure that the unit chosen is the right size for the home, the installer will take a few measurements and use them along with the above factors to make a recommendation. Steer clear of contractors who use simple rules to determine unit sizing.

Consider Energy Auditing

Before having a new central unit installed by an A/C Contractor in Clearwater FL, a homeowner should get an energy audit to assess their home’s insulating properties, and to determine if there are leaks in the ductwork. By taking certain steps before installation, homeowners can make their homes more energy efficient, and they can save money by buying a smaller system.