Hire A Child Support Lawyer In Mankato MN To Obtain Or Modify An Order

Child support is an area parents often fight over. When a couple is no longer involved on a regular basis with each other, one parent is responsible providing financial support to the parent who has less income or the child lives with. Establishing a child support order requires the help of a Child Support Lawyer in Mankato MN.

There are calculations a child support office will use to determine the amount of money a parent must provide to support their child. There are many considerations the child support must take into account, including daycare costs, medical coverage, extracurricular activities of a child, and special needs of a child. A child support attorney will make sure the calculations are correct and a parent isn’t paying or receive too little or too much child support.

Modifying A Child Support Order

Child support orders can be modified through the child support review process or a court hearing. A child support order can be modified faster when both parents agree on the order.

When Can A Child Support Order Be Modified?

If a child support order is more than three years old or a change in material or substantial change in circumstances has happened since an order was established, a parent can file for a modification. Parents cannot agree to lower or increase child support without a court order.

Material Changes In Circumstances

If a noncustodial parent’s income has increased or decreased, the child support amount could be modified. When a child’s living arrangements or medical coverage have changed, a child support order could be modified. When the noncustodial parent is responsible for other children or loses their job, the court could modify the order.

Failure To Pay Child Support

When the noncustodial parent has not been paying their court ordered child support, a Child Support Lawyer in Mankato MN should be contacted. There are several remedies available to obtain past due child support, including attaching income tax returns, lottery winnings, and much more.

Both parents are legally responsible for financially supporting their child. Unless there has been a drastic change to a custodial arrangement, a child support order will not be modified for at least three years. In order to obtain or modify a child support order, please visit Blatzlawminnesota.com for more information.