Helping Your Loved One Transition to Assisted Living in Kissimmee, FL

Helping your loved one adjust to assisted living in Kissimmee, FL, can be emotional for both of you. Moving is difficult at any age and can be physically exhausting too. However, for older adults, there can be some emotional difficulties accompanying the transition. They may be moving from a family home they’ve resided in for years. Perhaps they raised their own family there. Leaving it behind can be challenging for them. Helping them transition to assisted living in Kissimmee, FL, can be instrumental in determining how they are able to settle into the new living arrangements. Here are a few tips to help with the transition.

  1. Get Involved. One of the biggest advantages to living in a senior community is the opportunity to participate in numerous activities and wellness programs. Make sure the facility offers a variety of activities and events your loved one can enjoy. You may want to attend some events with them a few times to help them adjust.
  2. Meet the Staff. The staff will play an important role in the life of your loved one. Take time to meet the staff and learn about the services they will provide for your family member. They are now part of the team that will ensure your loved one is taken care of.
  3. Be Patient. It can take some time to adjust to an entirely new environment filled with new neighbors. It may take a few months for it to feel like home. Encourage your family member to remain patient. This is a major life change; they will likely experience good days and some not-so-good days.
  4. Throw a Party. After your loved one has moved in and unpacked, throw a party to help them celebrate. Invite other family members, friends and old and new neighbors. Bring a few snacks and housewarming gifts for them.

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