Help Your Son to Have an Attractive Smile

When your teenage son has dental malocclusions, he will need to wear braces or aligners to fix his teeth. By visiting an orthodontist in Palm Coast, your son can have a complete examination with medical images to determine if he has mild, moderate or serious dental misalignments. If your child has minor malocclusions, then he can wear clear plastic aligners that are removable. He must wear these comfortable devices for most of the day or night, but your son must remove the items while eating and performing oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing. Your son must change from one set of aligners to another set every two weeks to follow the correct treatment plan.

Braces Will Correct Your Son’s Malocclusions

However, your son might have major dental misalignments that require braces to correct the problems. In addition to traditional metallic braces, your son can choose lingual devices that are worn on the backs of his teeth or braces that have clear wires and ceramic brackets. Letting your son select his favorite type of braces will make him happier, and he is more likely to follow the treatment plan created by his orthodontist in Palm Coast.

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In some cases, your son will need additional treatment with headgear or accessories such as retainers, palate expanders or elastics that will apply pressure on the teeth or repair problems such as the size of the mouth’s palate or jaw. Fixing all of these dental problems will improve your son’s smile and bite, and it can prevent health problems such as temporomandibular joint disorder in the future.