Heavy Duty Towing Services for Atlanta, GA

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

There is much investment that goes into a tow truck business. Trucks for the towing operations must be purchased, licenses must be obtained, and qualified drivers must be hired. Companies which tow large vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, tractor-trailers, box trucks, and other large vehicles engage in heavy duty towing. Atlanta, GA is served by these professionals who can provide towing services that winch and flatbed trucks are not able to tow.

Heavy Duty Tow Trucks

Hundreds of towing companies across the United States utilize heavy duty trucks. These trucks are quite expensive and require particular equipment to carry out towing services efficiently. They include a crew cab or regular cab. A crew crab equates to a more expensive truck due to the extra seating involved in the second row, increasing the size of the front of the truck compared to one with a regular cab.

Due to accidents, traffic stops, breakdowns, illegal parking, and more, tow trucks are required across the nation daily. Police departments often have at least one or two of these tow trucks in their fleets. These departments utilize tow trucks or heavy-duty towing vehicles to remove broken down fire trucks, illegally parked large vehicles, or large vehicles involved in accidents from the roadway.

The Heavy-Duty Truck Towing Process

Heavy-duty trucks incorporate a winch system on the rear of their trucks. The vehicles they tow or lifted higher off the ground as a result of the winch being higher on the body than it is with a smaller truck. The vehicle that is towed sits on two rubber mats positioned at the base of the winch boom of the tow truck, allowing the rear wheels to ride on the street during the tow. Heavy duty towing companies located close to a trucking base or major highway can serve broken down customers with speed due to their location and the potential location of roadway incidents requiring a tow.

If you need a company that consistently provides heavy duty tows, contact an experienced auto transport and heavy-duty truck towing company serving the Atlantic, GA area today.

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