Heat Press Transfers – Your Ticket to Freedom

Are you tired of working for someone all day with very little to show for it? Do you hate working set hours and not being rewarded for a job well done? Did you know you can start your own garment printing business without a lot of startup capital, thanks to heat press transfers? The process is simple and easy to learn. Here’s how it works:

What You Need

You will need to buy a heat press machine, but this is the only major investment you will have to make. Professional presses can cost up to a thousand dollars or more, however, if you are just getting started, you can begin with a small portable unit for about two-hundred dollars.

After you purchase the machine, you will need an affordable and trusted source for your clothing. This is important because it will affect the cost of your products. You may want to rent some space at a mall, but you can also check out inexpensive places like flea markets or talk to local merchants about setting up outside their business.

You will need some artistic talent or at least have someone with you who has some.
You should also have a reputable source for your heat press transfers.

What You Do Not Need

You do not have to rent a shop or spend a lot of money on promotions, but it is entirely up to you and your budget. You also do not have to buy screen printing equipment or invest in special inks, dyes, or cleaning products.

Tips on Using Heat Press Transfers

It is very easy to create all kinds of custom printed clothing when you use plastisol transfers. If possible, buy the best equipment and clothing and order your transfers from a company with 20 years of experience or more in the business. This ensures high-quality printing and first-class service.