Having an A/C Contractor in St. Petersburg Install Two Small Units for a Large Home

A very large home, especially if it has more than one story, may benefit from having two central air conditioning units instead of just one with more powerful capacity. An A/C Contractor in St. Petersburg can set up an air conditioning system so each unit cools about one-half of a one-story home, such as a long ranch house with more than 2,500 sq. ft. For a multi-story house, one unit would cool the ground floor and the other unit the upper floors.

It can be difficult to maintain optimum cooling throughout a large house with just one central air unit. If the thermostat is not centrally located, the part of the house where this device is placed will tend to be cooler than the rest of the home. The upstairs may never be as cool as the downstairs. Trying to get the upstairs rooms to a comfortable temperature can leave people downstairs feeling chilly. Also, a larger unit with more capacity runs less frequently than two smaller devices, which can make humidity control less effective.

That dual system will cost more than a single larger unit, but the price may not be as different as people suspect. First, the larger equipment costs more than the smaller units do. In addition, another advantage of having an A/C Contractor in St. Petersburg install two units is the option of not cooling part of the house when nobody is using it. If the upstairs is only used for sleeping, for instance, the second unit can be used to cool that part of the house in the evening. The lower electric bills can help the homeowner recoup the cost of the dual system.

If the homeowners run the air conditioning much of the time over several summers, the equipment may eventually malfunction and need repair from a service such as Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning. Having two units means that there’s a backup to keep at least half of the house comfortable. This can prevent the need for an emergency service call and allow the residents the opportunity to get on the regular schedule instead.