Have you Seen the Prices of Office Space for Rent in NYC? It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

The cost of office space for rent in NYC area is constantly on the rise. Each year the cost becomes higher and higher for smaller and smaller space. It can be very difficult for small or new businesses to find the real estate that they need to conduct business. in many cases when you are just starting out the reality is that you may not even really know how much space you do or do not need. For a lot of businesses long term commitments are just not the right solution right now. Being able to find a solution that meets both your budgetary needs and that gives you the flexible terms that you need can really free you up to focus on your core business.

The Costs
Renting a long term space has more than just rental fees involved. You will need to buy:

  • Furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Hire a staff
  • Pay for services like telephone and in some cases Wifi

In other words, the costs do not stop when you sign a long term lease, they just start piling up. Of course if you decide after 3 months that the lease is not going to work for your business, you will likely be faced with high dollar penalties and fees to be able to walk away. There is a better option that will keep you from having to spend a small fortune to conduct business. Thinking outside the box and considering solutions that are not conventional can give you the opportunity to grow your business without running up the debt to keep your business afloat.

The solution is office rental on demand. You do not have to absorb high costs for part time use. You can rent office space from Sage Work Space for the amount of time that you need the space instead of paying for when you are not using it.