Have You Been Considering a Tile Roof Replacement in Oro Valley, AZ?

If you have been wondering whether you should replace or repair your tile roof in Arizona, you need to carefully inspect the roof. Take the survey using binoculars. Do not climb up a ladder and examine the roof, lest you fall and break your neck.

When reviewing the roof, you may need a full roof replacement in Oro Valley, AZ if more than half the tiles on your roof are cracked or broken. If you try to have the tiles repaired or partly replaced, it may prove not to be cost-effective.

Reviewing the Underlayment and Flashings

You will also have to contact a specialist in roof replacement to examine the roof’s underlayment and its flashings. While a roof may be in good condition, the underlayment may be defective. The flashing systems should be assessed to figure out the service life. If the flashings are in good shape, you may only need to repair any damaged tiles.

Needless to say, considering a roof replacement that features tiles is important. You should speak with a tile roofing specialist that features both clay and concrete roof systems and knows how each of these systems are installed. Clay is installed differently from concrete, and it follows a specific pattern. On the other hand, concrete is installed using a tongue-and-groove approach.

Choosing a Tile Material

While clay is more expensive, concrete features more colors. Therefore, you can add a concrete tile roof in a color that will either cut down on your energy usage or transform the looks of your property. The sun hits a roof hard in Southern Arizona, as do the winds and rain. As a result, you need a covering that can withstand these kinds of climate changes and prove to be resilient against the elements.

Where to Get All the Details

If you would like to know more about installing a new roof for your home, visit the website that features roofing options that provide cost-effective solutions for keeping your home in good repair. Visit the website for more information.