Good Reasons for Pre-Retirees to Work With an Investment Advisory Firm

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Investment Services

It’s not easy to navigate debt and savings without sacrificing progress toward your financial goals. By working with an investment advisor in Dallas, you’ll save the hassles that come with wealth management and retirement planning. Here are a few good reasons to work with an investment adviser in Dallas.

Retirement Planning Help and Advice

A good retirement plan requires expertise, knowledge, and time-but up to half of the upcoming retirees don’t know how to do it. 25% of pre-retirees are worried about their retirement funds, while half expect to have a much lower standard of living. An investment advisor in Dallas will put you on track to control your own money and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

Creating Better Habits and Accumulating Assets

Workers should always pay themselves first-that is, put aside a percentage of each paycheck. However, about 50% of pre-retirees aren’t saving anything. Studies show that those who work with advisors have almost four times more assets. By working with an investment advisor in Dallas, you can increase your household’s wealth and create better saving habits.

Cutting Down Debt

Half of all upcoming retirees are in debt and can’t deal with it alone-and worse yet, they have no plan to get out of debt. Meeting with an investment adviser in Dallas will help create a plan to reduce debt by managing expenses and income.

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