Getting the Best Deal on Used Cars in Billings MT

Have you been new car shopping lately? If so, you may be still be suffering from a major case of “sticker shock”. As you walk through new car dealer lots, it is not uncommon to see cars and pickup trucks priced over $30,000 and full-sized SUVs at $50,000 or more. This is why many people choose to check out late-model used cars in Billings Mt. However, before you sign the papers on your next vehicle, consider these helpful tips on finding the best deal.

Reliability Issues

Some cars are more dependable than others. Make sure to do your research on each model you are considering. Check out sources like Consumer Reports and JD Power. This may give you the info you seek.


You save money on used cars in Billings Mt, but you can save even more when you turn to the World Wide Web. First, check out sources like KBB or Edmunds. After you provide all the necessary info about a vehicle, you can get a good idea of the current price.


Some dealers have special sales and promotions on their websites. For example, they may offer a late-model vehicle for a thousand dollars or more off the regular price. This is a good way to get the lowest price.

Inventory Alerts

Check with local dealerships offering inventory alert email lists. It costs nothing to sign up, and you receive an email each time a vehicle is added to the dealer’s inventory. You have the option of daily, weekly, or bi-weekly notices.


If you plan to finance your next purchase, you may contact your local dealer about used cars in Billings Mt. Some offer the convenience of online loan applications, and they guarantee your loan approval. This can speed up the process of getting a car and make financing easier.