Getting Natural Results From Hair Transplantation in Philadelphia

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience. Although it is true that in some circles it is acceptable for a man to shave his head bald, most men would prefer to hold onto their naturally attractive hair.

For a long time, there were only a handful of hair restoration options available. Most of these looked unnatural, were expensive, and were temporary. Now, with the availability of a FUE hair transplant in Philadelphia, it is possible for a man to get a natural-looking hair transplant that produces long-term results.

A FUE hair transplant in Philadelphia is also referred to as a follicular unit extraction. This is an advanced surgical technique. It is a meticulous technique where single hairs are extracted from a donor site in the back of the head and then artfully placed in the front of the head.

The results are permanent. As opposed to the linear scar that is produced with other hair transplant techniques, FUE only produces small tiny dots that are seen on the back of the scalp. However, these tiny dots are easily covered by the hair growing in the back of the head.

Hair transplants are safe. There are no special medicines or chemicals used.

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