Stand-up paddle boarding might be the next big summer exercise trend – and for good reason. Not only does stand-up paddle boarding give you an amazing full body workout, but it’s also just plain fun. Live near a body of water, or are you heading somewhere tropical on vacation? Paddle board in Hilton Head Island SC will give you the chance to try out this awesome workout. Here’s a closer look at what makes stand up paddle boarding such an enjoyable benefit to your health.

It’s Kind of Like Surfing… But Unique in Its Own Way
If you’re interested in surfing, but too intimidated to try it out, then stand up paddle boarding might be perfect for you! It’s similar to surfing in the sense that you stand on a board in the water, but different in that you’re not riding huge waves or entering rough waters. You’ll use a long paddle to move and steer your board, making stand up paddle boarding a perfect water sport to take on at your own pace. Much like surfing, though, stand up paddle boarding gives you the benefits of an amazing workout, all while you enjoy the beauty of the water.

Focused on Your Core
Stand up paddle boarding gives you a full body workout, but it especially helps to strengthen your core. Because you’ll have to constantly shift your weight to balance on the board, you’ll be working the muscles of your abdomen and lower back, thus increasing your core strength. Using your paddle to row works your arms and upper body, and overall, your heart rate will rise, making stand-up paddle boarding a great way to get a vigorous cardio workout. Of course, you can also row leisurely, take your time, and simply enjoy the sun and scenery. Either way, stand-up paddle boarding is likely to help you relax, as exercise releases endorphins, and the beauty of the outdoors and large, calm bodies of water are sure to set you at ease.

If you’re a beginner, sign up with a company like H2O Sports, which offers delivery and pickup of the rentals along with some training assistance. Whether you paddle board in Hilton Head Island SC to relax or as part of a fitness routine, it’s worth exploring the benefits of what may become one of your new favorite outdoor activities.