Getting a Facial Masculinization Surgery in Plano: The Ultimate Guide

While testosterone therapy goes a long way in masculinizing FTM transmen, you might feel like it’s not enough, particularly so on facial features. In that case, a facial masculinization surgery could do the trick, making your female-to-make transition even smoother. The surgery comprises a number of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures to make your female facial features appear more masculine.

Steps Involved

Like any other surgery, facial masculinization surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia. With the help of your doctor, you can select the best option from the choices available, such as intravenous sedation.

As soon as anesthesia kicks in, the surgeon will then get to work. Notably, there is no one-fit-all procedure. The procedures depend significantly on the results you are looking for. Common procedures include jaw reshaping, Adam’s apple enhancement, and forehead lengthening.

Once the surgery is over, you will enter the recovery phase. The doctor will give you instructions on how to take care of the areas worked on. You may also receive medication to help in the recovery process. The doctor will also guide you on other things, such as when you can resume normal activities and when next you should go for follow-up care. Gradually, you will notice an improvement in the facial shape as the swelling subsides.

Picking a Surgeon

Ideally, the masculinization surgery will be performed by plastic surgeons. However, for you to get satisfactory results, the surgeons must understand craniofacial structures that profoundly define masculinity. Reach out to International Center for Transgender Care at