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by | Oct 21, 2016 | Internet Service Provider

It’s hard to imagine how we managed to run all the sorts of complex international industries before the dawn of the internet. Today everything is intertwined online and virtually any business or service is available through the internet. This makes the whole world so much more accessible, as you can buy things from other countries online, read news media from around the world, and even communicate with billions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, internet access isn’t always easy to acquire for everyone, as some people live outside the range of the necessary infrastructure. There is still a way however, as long as you have a phone line in your house – something that virtually every home has – you can connect to the internet via dial up. Dial up internet plans are also considerably cheaper as they are using older technology that isn’t desired by the majority of the population. Also, because you’re simply using your phone line to connect to the internet, you don’t need to have any additional installations done in your home to make it work. Simply plug in to your landline, connect to your account, and you’re online.

Emergency Access

While dial up internet is known to be far slower than the more modern types of internet connections, it’s still fast enough to be able to do basic browsing with relative ease. There are several advantages that dial up offers that you can’t get in these more modern connections though. One advantage is the fact that your internet connection doesn’t rely on a modem that’s connected to the grid. Because telephone lines typically still function during power outages, one could still use their laptop to connect to the internet via dial up without power in their home. So long as your laptop has battery, you can access the internet while many broadband users are unable to connect. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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