Get Noticed With Vertini Wheels

Some wheels are uniquely crafted and designed to complement a specific type of vehicle. Vertini wheels are designed specifically for use with the high-end, luxury types of sedans made by German and Japanese car manufacturers.

Luxury Wheels for Luxury Cars

However, these wheels also make a very big impression for use with the bigger North American luxury cars including the vehicles produced by Chevy, Chrysler and even the Infiniti and Camaro lines. They work well with the luxury Charger vehicles as well, and they are a perfect match for upgrades to older vehicles since they have that very classic and elegant styling that is not retro but just timeless.

The very style of all the models of Vertini wheels set them apart. They are incredibly well manufactured so that every detail has been considered and each element carefully crafted to add to the overall design and look of the wheel.

Options to Consider

The Vertini wheels feature designs that have a deep concave look. This adds depth to the wheels that give the vehicle a more powerful and subtle look. In black or matte black as well as slate grey these are a perfect wheel for a custom vehicle where you want to create that town car look and feel.

Another option to consider is the matte silver or silver Vertini wheels. These have that extra little bit of flash that adds to a look of speed and design, but they aren’t overstated. They are a very nice look to make these cars a little sportier, and they certainly make a statement.

Last but not least, when it comes to color and finish options with the Vertini wheels you may want to consider a gold rim. This is not the orangey-gold of some manufacturers, rather it is a rich, deep gold that looks very classic with the chrome lip that adds that reflective quality and that little bit of flash.


One of the hallmarks for the Vertini wheels is their styling. You will see the five and seven spoke designs carried to new levels of refinement, and these are two of their most popular wheels.

They also make a multi-spoke design, a double multi-spoke, a wide offset double spoke that makes up their Magic line of Vertini wheels. No matter which selection you make, you cannot make a bad choice with these classic rims.