Get a Kentucky Lemon Law Attorney on Your Side Now!

If you think you have grounds for a lemon law case the time to get a Kentucky lemon law attorney on your side is right now! You do not want to delay in getting the legal counsel that you need on your side. The clock starts ticking pretty early on when it comes to taking advantage of the power of these laws and you do not want to miss a minute of opportunity.

The Settlement

You have likely already laid out quite a bit of good money after bad over the lemon you bought. You are likely pretty done with the whole situation, the dealer and/or manufacturer sure is hoping that you are. They would like nothing better for you to become completely disgusted with the entire situation and just throw your hands up and walk away without any settlement at all. Luckily an attorney can help you to stay in the fight long enough to get the settlement that you deserve.


There are a lot of myths that swirl around the lemon laws, they are almost like the unicorn of consumer laws. Most of the myths are perpetrated by the manufacturers and dealers. A few are listed below:

   *   You signed an arbitration agreement you have no rights

   *   You bought your car as is with a limited warranty you have no rights

   *   You missed a payment you have no rights

The list of what the other side wants you to believe so you will walk away from the claim is tremendous. You need an attorney on your side that can add a dose of reality to the situation and help you to see exactly what you are entitled to under these laws.

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