Gas Pipeline Installation: Why You Need a Company that Does It All

There might be some good reasons to pick and choose among different companies for different stages of your gas pipeline installation project. After all, Edmonton has plenty of oil and gas pipeline companies to choose from. You can have the design done by Company A, the installation by Company B, and maintenance attended to by Company C. However, there is a lot that can be lost in the translation. By changing companies frequently, it’s easy to lose track and disrupt the continuity in operations. Ideally, working with an Edmonton oil and gas pipeline “one-stop shop” helps to cover your project from start to finish.

Transparency at All Stages

One of the biggest drawbacks to gas pipeline installation is the inability to have someone on the site to cover all aspects of construction from grading the site to handing over the keys. Working with the company that can provide you with technological solutions to time, distance, and personnel limitations are one way to make sure that your project is proceeding on time, within budget, and meeting benchmarks. Accountability and transparency at all stages mean that your hard-earned money can be tracked to the dollar, while you keep watch from Edmonton, Calgary, or even from Toronto.

Booming Demand

The oil and natural gas industries are still a vital part of Canada’s overall energy picture. While renewable resources account for 17% of the country’s total energy supply, oil gas and coal still supply nearly 75%. Pipelines supplying natural gas need to meet a demand not only for energy use, but for environmental safety, and an experienced pipeline company cares very much about the quality of their work and compliance with federal regulations governing onshore pipelines. Work with the company that has a record for quality, safety, and business. That way you’ll be assured best possible gas pipeline installation.