Gas Fireplace Accessories You’ll Want to Put in the Bag

Gas fireplaces offer a ton of advantages: you won’t have to deal with ashes. No need to wait for the fire to build since all you need is to flip a switch to make that happen. You get to enjoy real flames with none of the issues and problems that come with using solid fuel. That includes clean air inside your home. Given all these reasons, it’s easy to see why a lot of homeowners are opting for gas. And with the addition of great and useful gas fireplace accessories, you can easily get the most out of your fireplace.

Gas inserts

These work great for both vented and unvented systems so you can either one. If you want to go with a safer bet, direct vent units are ideal. These draw in air from the outside to keep the flames going. Ventless inserts, though, still rank higher on efficiency rating scales, at 92 percent to 99 percent, against the 60 percent to 80 percent level direct-vent inserts have. The drawback to ventless inserts, though, is that all the exhaust fumes that are a natural byproduct of burning gas, stays inside your home, says House Logic.

Decorative pieces

There are decorative overlays along with mantels and doors along with artistically-designed screens you can go for. All these can improve the look of your fireplace and add just the right touch to build the ambiance or feel you want. With these add-ons and extras, you’re sure to have more fun with your gas fireplace.

Gloves and protective covering

You’ll want to keep your fireplace in great shape. One thing you’ll need to do before you clean your fireplace and get rid of any soot on your screens, for instance, is to use the right protective covering and safety gear. That way, you can stay safe while you see to those cleaning tasks.