Fully Trained for You!

When it comes to construction work, it’s important to get it done right the first time. If critical mistakes are made it may be difficult to fix! That’s why Platinum Pipefitting only hires employees that have taken the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. Here are tidbits of vital information about the training our pipeline workers and pipeline contractors undergo to provide you the best service possible.

  • According to the Apprenticeship and Industry Training website hosted by the Alberta government, the apprenticeship program lasts one to four years, and about 80 percent of training is done on the job.

  • Basic training involves orientation, which covers imperative safety procedures, hand signals, important terms, digging, and more.

  • Pipeline contractors and their employees learn to meet all of the standards set forth by the government. These standards are vital to keeping the environment safe and the pipelines in tip-top condition. Furthermore, we are partnered with various associations to assure you with the best quality contractors can provide.

  • Many of pipeline employees are certified under ComplyWorks, a risk management organization that aid contractors in managing the compliance of workforces and worksites. These certified employees also are well-versed in business risk and quality control.

  • Employees and staff are trained to be familiar with and experts in all kinds of services. These services include construction, abandonments, and repair.

  • Trained workers know how to work with many different and essential materials. For example, they know how to choose between insulated or non-insulated pipes and will select the best diameter of pipes for your project.

  • Finally, companies try to equip themselves with all the right materials and tools to get started as soon as possible. We don’t rent our specialized equipment. We own them. This guarantees absolute preparation to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Choose the right contractors. Choose the ones trained to do your job!