Frac Pumps Require Precision and Durability

When utilizing a stimulation frac plunger for your business needs it is important that it is manufactured in a way that offer exacting precision. It is also essential that it can withstand the immense pressure that it has to operate under. Any inaccuracies can result in its operation being difficult to guide and damage to the actual well itself.

What Is a Frac Pump?

The process of stimulating a well is made up of three steps:

  • First frac fluid is pumped into a well. This causes a build up of pressure that is so strong it cracks the rock in the reservoir.
  • Propping agents are then added to the well which further breaks the rocks and then packs them full of small spheres which are comprised of quartz, sand, ceramic or aluminum oxide pellets. These cracks are then able to stay open after the pumping has stopped.
  • Once the above steps are completed the entire well if flushed to remove all the frac fluids that remain.

The Benefits of Stimulating a Well

It has been found that the rate of production is improved when this process is used on a well. It is best when it is used on medium and hard formations. Roughly 50% of all gas wells and 30% of oil wells in the United States are fraced in order to get the most product from the well as possible. Overall production from a fraced well has been found to increase by anywhere from 5 to 15%.

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