Four Steps For Planning A Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception is a long and stressful task to accomplish. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, it can seem like an impossible task for most brides-to-be. A wedding reception near Lake Geneva brides hope to have can be planned easily by following the four steps.

Find a Venue

The first step seems like a simple one, but it can take some time to complete. Finding a venue is the first part of the process to having the ideal reception. Event halls, banquet centers, restaurants, and more are located throughout Lake Geneva and the surrounding areas. It will take some research before each bride finds the place she is looking for.

Make a Deposit to Hold the Date

Once the bride and groom agree on a venue, they should pay a deposit. This allows the venue to hold the date for them so it cannot be taken by another couple. Most locations have strict guidelines on how much money is required for the deposit, such as 50% down. Some will work with couples so they can get the deposit paid off over a short time.

Taste the Menu

The third step in the process is to taste the menu. This is for venues that include catering in their services. There are usually three different meal styles the couple can choose. This includes the family style meal where everyone passes dishes, a buffet style meal where guests go up and make their plates themselves, and a typical plate style meal where everyone is served a plate.

Discuss Additional Event Services

Venues have worked with vendors and other service providers in the past, so they have a list of recommendations on hand. Couples can discuss additional event services with their venue to determine which options typically work best for them. This includes a DJ, emcee, and even a bartender.

A wedding reception near Lake Geneva couples need to plan requires a lot of work and attention to detail. Reflections weddings offers everything the couple needs in one location. With a venue found, deposit paid, menu tasted, and event services discussed, couples have many of the major details out of the way to make a wonderful wedding. Contact Abbey Springs Golf Course, if you want to plane for wedding reception near Lake Geneva.