Four Reasons to Have Apartment Insurance in Whitman MA

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Insurance

Owning a home is usually the biggest investment a person ever makes. Often renters put a great deal of money and time into the homes they choose to reside in. Whether a person owns or rents an apartment, it is essential to have a comprehensive insurance policy. Discover four reasons to have Apartment Insurance in Whitman MA.

1. Homeowners Insurance May Be Required

Homeowners usually need to have an insurance policy, whether they reside at the apartment or rent it. Coverage protects this asset in certain cases including emergencies, accidents and other unexpected events. Most people get a mortgage to purchase an apartment or home. Lenders may require borrowers to maintain a homeowners insurance policy to protect this asset until it is paid off, as it is collateral for the loan.

2. Renters Need a Separate Policy

While structural and other elements of the apartment could be covered by the homeowners insurance policy, renters need to have their own Apartment Insurance in Whitman MA. It is unwise to assume property owned by renters is covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. In most instances, a separate insurance policy is required to have coverage for items owned by people who rent the apartment.

3. Liability Coverage

Few people think about someone having an accident at their apartment until it happens. Paying for medical expenses and other costs can become expensive unless the homeowner or renter has liability insurance. If someone is injured on the premises, the coverage will take care of all or most of this costs, depending on the limits of the policy.

4. Peace of Mind is Priceless

People might take what they own for granted until it is lost in a fire, theft or other circumstances. When people add up the cost to replace furniture, computers, clothing and jewelry, it can add up to thousands of dollars. Having insurance gives homeowners and renters peace of mind, knowing they can replace their valued property if it is lost.

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