Four Kinds of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs can save the day! Think of the last time you tried to navigate through an airport, went shopping in a mall or found your way around an unfamiliar highway. Chances are you used overhead signage to help you find your destination. You most likely used text-based messages to help you find your way. Destinations were labeled using images or other distinct visual cues. These are all wayfinding system created to help us find our way through an area. There are four basic types of wayfinding signs in Illinois.

Identification Signage

An identification sign points out structures or landmarks. They do not provide direction, but simply let individuals know where they are, or when they have arrived at their destination.

Informational Signage

Informational signs don’t necessarily give directions to keep you moving toward a destination, but offer useful information along the way. Highway signs might make drivers aware of work zones, or let them know of congested areas. They may be used in facilities to let others know where they can find a reception desk, alert visitors to free Wi-Fi, or let drivers know about reserved parking spaces.

Directional Signage

A directional sign is what most people think of wayfinding signs in Illinois. These signs are strategically placed to help keep people moving toward a destination. They are usually situated at road junctions or in places people commonly look for directions.

Regulatory Signage

Regulatory signs inform people about certain requirements and regulations being enforced. The most common are speed limit signs or “No Parking” signs. They are useful for a variety of purposes including:

· Reminding workers to wear proper protection (hard hats, hearing or face protection)

· Warn individuals of areas considered to be off limits

· Let visitors or workers know about designated smoking or no smoking areas

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